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Today we will be here to talk about a few differences between two top-rated Toyota SUV models. At Walker Jones Toyota in Waycross, GA, we get questions all the time from families about these fantastic automobile options. You can not go wrong if you pick one or the other; it is purely based on the things that your lifestyle demands and the features you want. We are here to give you a little bit of information about the differences between these SUVs, the Toyota Highlander and 4Runner. Of course, if we do not address all your questions in this, you can always call our sales team or send us an email if you want our expertise. We are going to make the process of buying a vehicle more comfortable at Walker Jones Toyota. We can do this by answering your questions and giving you lots of vehicle options to choose from.

Toyota Highlander and 4Runner

To begin, we think it’s important for you to know that the Toyota 4Runner is better equipped for off-roading than the Highlander. Its ability to perform well in rugged off-road environments might be what you want, and that is something to keep in mind while shopping. Starting with the 2019 version of the Toyota Highlander, it has some of that off-road ability, but it is not the same. The Highlander will be able to handle unpaved parking lots and roads, but it is more suitable for daily travel.

It’s obvious now that the Toyota Highlander and 4Runner represent opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to SUVs. It can be seen as a good thing because everyone knows there is an option for their needs. We know that a crucial detail you have to give attention to is the amount of seating and luggage space. Are you curious about where the Toyota Highlander lies? It will ease your mind to know that it comes with three rows for passengers! That means you have room for seven people, or eight if you select the option for a captain’s chairs in the second section. If you are hunting for details on the comfort of the interiors, know that it increases with the trims. Basically, the heftier price tag shows you how many features you will get. Features like ventilated and heated seats or you can get leather upholstery in other trim options.

If you compare that space to the Toyota 4Runner, you will see that the 4Runner has a much lower seating capacity. It also comes with fewer comfort features. To elaborate, the 4Runner’s standard trim level comes with two rows of seats, as well as the option to add an additional third row. The rear seats of the 4Runner also have a smaller amount of space, not making it a great fit for three fully grown adults. You wouldn’t be able to fit three comfortably, but it works well for kids and young adults.

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